Sunday, May 4, 2014

Max turns 3!

Dear Max,

I just can't believe it. You are 3! We celebrated with a lot of friends and family, a bounce house, pizza, and a Lightning McQueen cake. You had so much fun. In the past, you didn't like bounce houses much but you were able to get in there and bounce before all your guests arrived and you decided that you loved it. I even went down the slide with you!

You amaze me everyday, Max. You love to play with your cars and with your blocks. You build intricate race tracks, houses, and towers. You love to play with legos and build all kinds of imaginary places and cars. You go to school two days a week and you absolutely love it. Your teachers say that you play so hard that you are always the first one to go down for nap. Must be nice for them because you don't want to take naps for me anymore. You absolutely love to sing and dance. You can sing "Life is a Highway," "I want to see you be Brave," and almost ALL of the songs from Frozen. What I absolutely LOVE about you, Max, is how thoughtful you can be. You often tell me without prompting things like, "Thank you Mom for cooking dinner," and "Thank you Mom for my party. It was a lot of fun." It melts my heart. You also tell me that you love me to the Milky Way and back because that seems farther than the moon. Such charm! Sometimes you get frustrated and yell and scream when I put you in time out, but you always end up telling me that you love me. You love to play with Clare. You share a room with her in our little house and I love listening in on your conversations before bed. One day when Clare was sad about school, you told her that you loved her and who cares what other people say. I was so proud! When Clare is at swim practice, you don't even want to play on the play ground because you want to watch sissy swim. You sit patiently by the pool and cheer her on. You ask me all sorts of silly questions like, "What if you had 5 arms mommy?" and I just have to laugh.

Recently you asked about the big scar that runs down the front of your chest. I told you it was your zipper because sometimes doctors have to open it and look at your heart. You were so brave when I told you that. You asked me why they just couldn't use the machine (the echo cardiogram) to look at your heart. Such a problem solver! We haven't talked about your upcoming surgery this year because I don't really have the words to tell you. The truth is, I'm not sure I'm as brave as you Max. You are becoming so much more aware that there is something different about you, but you never seem to let it stop you. You always want to race and you run and run your little lungs out. It really inspires me.

Mr. Man, I love you so much. You inspire and push me everyday. You are perfect inside and out, and I can't wait to see what the next year brings!



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