Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Surgery within 4-8 weeks

Today was another long day at Texas Children's. Overall Max is doing everything that he is supposed to be doing. His heart has fully grown into his PA band and it's time for the next surgery. Our cardiologist is going to speak with our surgeon and they are going to come up with a date and call us. They mentioned 4-8 weeks, but in reality, it will depend on scheduling.

Funny/Weird moments at Texas Children's:

1) Max was perfectly still during his echo cardiogram. We usually hold off on feeding him a bottle until it's time for the echo to start and then we feed him while the echo tech collects all the necessary data. Most kids are sedated and we have never sedated Max. Our philosophy is to try everything on our end before we have to give him any unnecessary medicine. With 5 minutes left in the echo, and Max is completely still, the tech says, "We usually don't do this, but here's a lollypop to keep him still while I finish." I'm sorry...a what? My kid has just started to eat food and you want to give him candy? HE'S 7 MONTHS OLD! Why don't people ask before doing these things?  Crazy. (No, Max did not eat the candy. Yes, I am that mom.)

2) Texas Children's must have some sort of deal with Michael Buble. Every time I've been to the Milk Bank, Michael Buble is on loop while I'm trying to pump. I'm serious when I say that I start to lactate when I hear his voice. Today it was his Christmas Album. Great voice, but I'm a little worn out.

3) Signs in the waiting room and in the patient rooms read, "If you have waited for over 30 minutes, please ask for an update." I did. The update was wrong. We still waited.

4) Cardiologist pointing at Max's chubby legs, "Nice double knees." LOVE. Sorry kid. Ends up, you probably look more like me than you would like.

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  1. I'm still laughing about your Michael Buble comment!